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Porta-Vac Systems

Back in 1992 I saw a need for a portable vacuum system and founded Porta-VacSM Pool Services. Most of the pools we were working on back in those days were bigger and the pool equipment setups were not as powerful as todays swimming pools. It was common to see a 40,000 gallon pool with an eight foot deep end. To be able to clean these large pools I put together my first Porta-Vac. This is basically the same equipment pools are built with on a custom made portable frame. We can wheel it in and out of a back yard in just a few minutes. To protect our name, we filed for a Nevada service mark back in 1997. Many companies have built there own machines. We are proud to have paved the way for thousands of pool techs over the last 15 years.

Our Porta-Vac machine puts the dirt in our filter, not yours. For example when your pool has been hit with one of our famous windstorms, you know how dirty your pool can get. Our concept is why put all that dirt and debris in your pool filter system. It's easier for us to put it in our Porta-Vac and wash it out later than having to take apart and clean your filter system.

With today's smaller pools and 400 square foot filters, a Porta-Vac isn't needed every time you clean your pool, but in case of a big wind storm or maybe you pool equipment isn't working properly, our portable system can get you cleaned up quickly. Our slogan is "We put the dirt in our filter not yours."

We don't cover the whole valley, but we have several other companies that we have personally trained to our strict standards that can be at your home, usually the same day you call. It's a good idea also to have your pool filter system cleaned and inspected every two to four months depending on how dirty your filter gets in that amount of time.

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If your pool was left unattended through out the winter time and you are ready to take a swim give us a call today. We offer free estimates and have a very friendly staff.

about us

About us

Porta-Vac Inc. has provided quality pool service and repairs to the Las Vegas area since 1992. about us